Getting Caught Up Again!

So I know Gary already wrote, but here’s my two cents….

So I know Gary already wrote and updated you on the last couple of days. But I’ll throw my two cents in. I finally got the pictures of Missoula up, and will do Deer Lodge and Butte hopefully before we leave in the morning.

It’s amazing countryside out here…I’m in awe of a lot of it. The people are wonderful too. We had a day off today in Butte and went to church this morning, then got some lunch. I know Gary told you about the ride from Deer Lodge in. We’ve been exploring some, relaxing some, and just being some.

We’ve got a couple of alternate roads to help us get through the Continental Divide and a pass or two, so I know the riding will be beautiful the next couple of days. Montana is a big state, and we’ll cover it the best we can!!

Monday morning Gary is meeting with the carriers before we head out and then it’s off to Three Forks where there is no post office apparently, but it’s where we’re staying for the evening. KOA here we come!

That’s all for now and I’ll work on the rest of those pictures!!!

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