A friendly wind

A denial but a first

First of all I have to say that yesterday was another great day with tail winds that allowed me to ride at almost 20mph and those days I’m just so grateful for.  We left Aberdeen a day early because of those winds and the fact that we were able to get the word out in the best way possible.  I’d like to thank Eric with KELO tv and Jake with the American News for their help in letting Aberdeen know what we’re doing and inviting them to join us with their “hope”. 
  After arriving in Webster I went to the Post Office and asked if I could talk with the carriers in the morning before heading to Milbank today.  The gentlemen clerk said he saw no problem but I later received a call denying my request.  They stated that it wasn’t allowed on postal time but the woman I spoke with praised my effort and said she’s spread the word.  That’s all I ever ask for.  To spread the word that we’re gathering hope for a better tomorrow.
  So far this morning there’s clouds in the sky and the temp dropped below 50 last night so I’ll have to throw on the jacket to start the ride for the day.  We’ll be glad to get to Milbank and hopefully find a shower as we had to go without this morning.  Stay tuned!

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