I wouldn’t have made a good pioneer….

Let’s just say I wouldn’t have made a good pioneer….I’m way too fond of the comforts of home, internet being an important one, shortly after electricity, water and air conditioning!!!

Still having internet issues, but able to find a wireless signal in a hotel parking lot. I downloaded a few pictures, but have lots more to go.

I definitely am not good with the roughing it thing. The little window air conditioner we bought a few weeks ago is truly a godsend!!! It’s been incredibly hot and sticky with gale force winds. We’re in Aberdeen, and our RV park (Wylie Park) is very nice, but having wireless internet issues, so we’re stuck again.

We are making good use of our time here though….contacts with two television stations, the newspaper and Presentation College. The newspaper person is coming out this afternoon to do an interview and take some pics, and the television people will be getting back to us about a time to meet.

We did some biking around to all these places in the wind—got some good exercise! (good for me anyway, not that Gary needs it!)

Will try and get the rest of the pictures posted soon, depending on internet.
We are counting down, and ONE WEEK from today will be rolling into St. Paul for five days off!!

Thanks to those who have emailed us—it means a lot to have contact with people from “home”!!!!

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