It’s good to be home!

Yes, we’re home a couple of days early…but it’s a good thing…

Yes, we’re home a couple of days early—we tweaked the schedule a little bit due to money concerns and difficulty with the holiday weekend with lodging, etc. And, boy, is it nice to be home!!

I’m sorry about being so behind in getting pictures on, and that’s on my list of things to do in the next few days. We’ve got lots to accomplish while we’re home.

One of the reasons we pushed to get home was that “Betsy” developed a wheeze which Gary thinks has something to do with a belt—we’ve logged almost 4000 miles, so she’s a little tired and needs some maintenance before we head out again.

It was a good day today—I met one of my mom’s cousins for the first time in Kandiyohi—-MaryJane and her husband Harvey came out to hwy 12 to meet us and then we went to their home to visit for a bit. As we walked in the door, it struck me that this was the first time we’d been in a house since we left 38 days ago!!

Our kitty was happy to see us, and Alicia, who’s been taking care of our house, had everything so beautifully ready for us to arrive even with short notice on our early arrival!! Alicia—you’re the best!

I’ll be working on our biking route, RV parks and reservations, advance media stuff and much more this week we’re home. Also, as soon as I know about our “going away” hoopla on the 8th, I’ll put that up too. It’d be great to have our home town friends and family see us off and maybe even ride out with us!!!!

That’s all for now, I’m sure Gary will be adding his thoughts soon as well. It’s been a good first half, and we’re looking forward to even better things on the second…..

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