a glimpse of sun….woohoo!!

A little warmth, a little sun and a lot of HOPE!!

A week ago we were complaining about it being too hot, so this week we’ll give the cold equal billing! It was a nicer day. The sun finally came out about 2pm which was lovely, and now the clouds have come back in. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and mid-70’s which will be great for riding.

Missoula is a lovely town and we biked around some this afternoon getting the lay of the land. Also made some great phone contacts with postal people we’ll be meeting tomorrow and hopefully we’ll have some media there in the morning as well!!

Not too much to write this afternoon…we’re relaxing at the KOA which seems to be our new home. They’re nice campgrounds with good, clean showers and usually lots of amenities! And Montana’s got a lot of them!

I’m hoping for more sun tomorrow so that I can take some better pictures. We’re sitting at the bottom of the foothills, and you can see the “big” mountains behind them—way cool!! So no pics tonight for your viewing pleasure, but tomorrow I’ll put some up.

That’s all for now!!

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