Rain Rain go away

Don’t build an ark yet!

Maybe if I use blue ink the skies will get the hint.  And my mother-in-law Lilly will be able to read more easily:)  Sorry, Mom, that I used the green.  Well I gave it a try today and God knows I wanted to ride but Joan pulled me off the road when she saw me shivering.  I guess that’s part of what makes a wife beautiful.  Making sure her man stays healthy.  She says I’ve got much too much country to cross without having to worry her about my health.  You’ve got to love having someone that cares so much.  So we stopped in 3 Post Offices to ask them to spread the word and called Dan to ask if we could stay inside a nice place tonight.  We’re walking on pins and needles when it comes to finances so I needed to ask the $$ man if it’s ok.  We’ve been in the RV for 8 days and it doesn’t have heat and when we woke and the temps were only 37 this morning, it was a hard way to start the day.
Dan said it’s ok and asked us to please check in and get warm.
  In ending my blog for the day I’d like to offer a little prayer if I that’s ok.  “God ~ Please let me see some of that beautiful sunshine tomorrow and you and I can talk for miles!”

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