Montana greets us:)

And my family grows

Though the rains fell upon the earth and the temperatures dropped, today I found a warmth in the hearts of more brother carriers.  Eric and Mark found us today in the RV park in Missoula and once again I found a “family” growing.  Thanks guys for confirming my believe that what I’m doing is for all of us.  And taking a little burden off our shoulders with the KOA funding in Montana was truly a gift.  Now Joan and I can say we’ve got family in Montana if we ever want to take a trip down memory lane.
  What excites me greatly is that tomorrow the sun’s going to return and give me a chance to ride in the warmth.  And I’ll reflect all day long about how we can channel more hope and watch as it grows.
  Not much else for the 7th other than the pleasure of knowing we’re making a little difference:)

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