Catching you up and Getting out of the Rain!

We didn’t have internet yesterday, so we’ll get you caught up and then talk about the cold and rain of today….

Yesterday started out cool and rainy—Gary did a stand-up with the carriers in Coeur d’Alene, and then we headed out. It was pouring down rain as we left, so drove out of town and then pulled over and waited for it to let up a little. I rode about a mile and a half in cold rain so we waited some more. Then it cleared up a little bit so Gary took off….we found the Trail of the Coeur d’Alene just up the road so he was able to take that all the way into Wallace which was nice. He met a group of elementary school kids on a field trip on the trail, so he shared his hopes and got them excited about sharing theirs!!! He found a nice bike shop on the trail as well. He met me in Wallace and we went out for lunch, then went back to the bike shop to pick up a couple of things. Checked into the RV Park—Down by the Depot and then walked the couple of blocks to downtown and “did” Wallace. Very cute little town. I got a bag of really cool stones and rocks (We have a thing for rocks!), and I found a beautiful silver bracelet as Wallace is the “silver capital”. Then we relaxed for the evening. Our RV park was right on a rushing stream, the back end of the RV seemed almost to be over the creek. So we heard water all night long between the stream and the rain. We were well chilled when we woke up this morning!!!!

Gary got to talk to the two carriers in Wallace before we started out. It was 35 degrees outside and there was talk of snow. I pulled him off the bike very quickly—-was way too rainy and way way too too cold….brrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

So it became a day of spreading hope in Betsy as opposed to the bike. Gary’s safety and health are more important than the biking itself. Our goal is to get the word out to share the hope!! Tomorrow it’s supposed to be a better day so we’ll be riding again. We actually drove farther east than our overnight stop was supposed to be so we’ve got a head start on the day ahead. We actually checked into a motel because of the cold and damp. Gary’s napping peacefully and I’m typing away 🙂 The wireless connection here was very sketchy as well, so I plugged the computer into the phone and am using good old dial-up!

I’ll get some pictures downloaded soon as well—-not too many because of the crappy weather, but a few!

Thanks to everybody who’s following us along, it means a lot!!! And Mom, thanks for worrying about us! Please spread the word to as many people as you can—-we want HOPE!!!!! Well, we actually do have hope, but we want yours too!

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