Easing into the week….

Today was a short ride, but we got lots done and got to relax as well….

We’re easing into the riding week. First thing this morning we drove back into Spokane to meet with Eric Pardick at the NALC Union Hall—–Thanks Eric!!!! He got Gary an “interview” with a local radio station. And he took lots of cards and will get the word out to get those hopes on paper!!!

Then Gary biked to Coeur d’Alene—-it was an short, easy ride. Once we hit town we stopped at KXLY and Gary spoke with Bret Bowers who recorded an interview for radio—Thanks so much Bret!

Then we headed out to the KOA east of town. I took the route that AAA gave us for tomorrow morning—-not going to happen since half of it was on an incredibly steep gravel road, so I’ll have to get a little creative getting our riding day started, but no worries. Gary’s speaking to the carriers at 8:30am and then we’ll start the ride to Wallace.

We had a lovely afternoon and are looking forward to a much cooler night of sleep. We grilled some hamburgers, went for a short bike ride along the lake (more pics to follow), and then set up the lawn chairs and relaxed in the beautiful setting we found ourselves…..went for a little swim, did the dishes, a foot massage, listened to some music and had a lovely chat. A good day!!

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