Things I’ve Learned So Far

There have been many quirky little things along the way, so I thought I’d start compiling a list of things I “learn” as we go.

Things I’ve learned week one:
1) Never ride your bike down a hill with your mouth open—lots of bugs!
2) We stayed near George on the way out—-get it? George, Washington! Yes, I’m a little slow sometimes
3) On that same vein, it took me almost a week of being here to learn that when there are road signs for state highways, the “background” behind the number is actually the silhouette of George Washington…UFFDA! I’m a lot behind the learning curve on this one.
4) Pay Showers do exist—we’ve stayed in two RV parks that had them. The first time we were clueless as to why we couldn’t get any water and the second time the woman that checked us in told us…we thanked her!
5) It is possible to wake up at 5am every morning without an alarm clock when you’re actually asleep by 10pm the night before! Who knew? Not this musician!!!!

Stay tuned for next week’s installment of things I’ve learned….

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