Finally on line

And the ride continues~~

Well we finally found the internet after almost 2 days without.  I was a little worried that anyone following us would get worried but we’re back up and running.  Although the biking continues already I’ll be glad to find the end of Montana.  Those winds are really slowing me down and wearing me out.  I was only able to go about 7mph yesterday and ended the ride with exhaustion.  I want to tell everyone that’s following me that I’m only putting in 4-5 hours of riding each day.  If I’m not able to fight the winds or there’s mountains too high to climb, please forgive me if I end my riding day early to get to the next town.  Remember that I’m 55 and I’ve still got more than half the country to conquer.  Let it be known that when I’m not riding because of anything that presents a great deal of hardship, I’ll be gathering the hopes from every heart I can touch.  And that’s what this is all about.  I’m not trying to get into any book of records or earning the dollars that I’m not being paid, I’m trying to show a unity amongst all of us with the Hope in our Hearts.
  I did manage to touch many in the past 2 days.  I made it a point to stop at the Montana State Hospital where there is surely hope!  I was received with more than just a smile:)  There was a gratitude for my visit because I offered something special for individuals that are fighting hard to find a balance in their own lives and minds.  And I stopped at a fishing tournament were there were a lot of kids just having the time of their lives.  I added a little extra to their day as well.
  I want to thank Dug from the Post Office in Deer Lodge for lettng me speak with my fellow carriers and Mark from the newspaper that held a great deal of enthusiasm for what I’m doing.  It’s because of people like yourselves that I find the strength to move forward across the country. 
  Again I offer my apologies for not being able to link up with the internet and keep you up on our progress.  If Quest would have provided us with the correct insert for our lab top we wouldn’t have to depend on those that have a link.  But that’s the way it goes and it won’t keep us from seeing the end to our endeavor.  The Hopes of America are larger than anything else and we intend to show evidence of that!!  I’ll talk later but for now I have to let my beautiful wife Joan get some photo’s on for you to see. 

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