Off the beaten path….

We saw the sun today and decided to go off the beaten path a little bit….

It was a good day. We started out the morning with Gary doing stand-ups at 3 of the Missoula stations with Jeanee from the PO acting as our “tour guide” and making it an enjoyable morning. What a great bunch of carriers we’re encountering in Montana!!

At the main post office there was a crew from Channel 8 in Missoula there to interview Gary—thanks Angela and crew!!!

We started out on the ride about 9:45am. Went a little ways on I-90, but then decided to deviate a bit and took Hwy200 off the beaten path. The riding was much better. We ended up going a bit further than if we’d stayed on 90, but it worked out fine. We also ended up on a gravel road for a bit, but we put the bikes in the RV and saw some beautiful countryside!! We had a lovely lunch at the WagonWheel Cafe in Drummond and finished out the trek to Deer Lodge. We’re once again at the KOA. Been a quiet evening.

Gary’s doing a stand-up in the morning for the carriers and the post office apparently has a whole bunch of letters from the school kids for us! So that will be exciting!

We’re going to probably wing the route a little once again. But we’re spreading hope and gathering hope no matter where we go….just hard to judge roads, shoulders, etc. The shoulder on 90 where we’ve been is almost gravel-like, and some of the back roads have been better—only problem is that many of them are not on our map, Once we hit the east edge of Montana, we’ll jump on Hwy 12 which will take us on into the Cities, so it’ll be easier.

I took tons of pictures today, but will take me a day or so to get them up as I need to resize them, etc. to fit on here.

We’d like to thank everyone who’s following us along, who’s supported us, who’s written their letter or is going to write their letter!! It’s also great to get emails along the way!

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