There’s no place like home!

Back in Minnesota

Yesterday was a beautiful day as I rode into Litchfield but I couldn’t stop thinking about home.  Joan and I have been on the road for almost 40 days and the thought of being so close to our home, brought us to it.  I’ll apologize to anyone that’s following us across America if I must, but I chose to eliminate the last 2 days and come home. 
  Since we left Seattle WA on the 29th of May, we’ve been greeted with warmth and hope in the hearts of everyone but there’s 1 thing missing.
For more than a month I’d been waiting to hear from someone that knows me and has watched over the past 3 years as I’ve tried my best to make this something special in the eyes of all.  And there’s been so few.  It saddens me to a point but then I think of all the kids that have written their “Letter of Hope” and have my promise to send them into the heavens.  And then I realize that I have a responsibility to those kids.  Back in 1989 I was left responsible to deliver the letters to the President of the United States and did just that.  Because they trusted me with their hope and concern for their friends suffering with cancer. This is just as important so I will continue my TREK across America on  this coming Sunday.  I only hope that all that I’ve given up to make this endeavor a success, all the miles I’ve pedaled and will continue to, finds a “worth” in the eyes of all that have placed their “hope” in my hands.  For now I’m grateful to my wonderful wife Joan for giving me the strength to continue over the past month.  I couldn’t have gone the distance without her.  And to all that I’ve met thus far in the western part of our country, thank you for your hospitality, your kindness, and the hope in your hearts.

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