Our Day Off

How we spent our day off….

We started our day with breakfast and picking up some miscellaneous things. Let’s just say our cart looked like we were having a scavenger hunt—what would you do with the following?—canned air, foamboard, duck tape, pumice stone, nails, utility knife, sunglasses, hammer, “feminine” things, and two DVDs? Bizarre, but all stuff we needed. Then we went in search of a bike store to get a couple of rear view mirrors as replacements. Found those and did a little exploring in Spokane.

Then we came “home” and went for a bike ride. Both yesterday and today were short, pleasure rides about 10 miles. As I’m writing, Gary’s out cleaning the bikes and doing maintenance. We’re grilling some steak for supper and getting ready to start another week of riding and gathering hope! I’d emailed several media outlets here, but got no feedback, so there must be lots else going on. Oh well….so it goes. To anyone reading, please pass on the word to people to write their own letter of hope!!!!

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