Almost there?

Let the final half begin~~

I hope everyone enjoyed the 4th of July celebration and remembered those around the globe that are protecting our freedom each and every day.  I met with my Captain connected with the Minnesota National Guard today and exchanged a very important email I’d received yesterday.  It wasn’t any ordinary email as it was sent from the International Space Station letting me know that they’re looking down from a distance and following my progress across America.  It was more than special for me.  It was a confirmation that my personal “hope” is already there.  Now it’s a matter of gathering the hope of America to join my own. 
  I’m more than anxious to start the second half of the country this Sunday where I’ll be riding to Red Wing Minnesota.  A place I hold dear to my heart.  I spent 7years of my life in Red Wing at a time that was crucial to understanding many things that have affected my personal life.  A personality that I remember well was Nick Evens who walked me through some trying times.  Thanks Nick and I hope you’re still doing well although you must be 65 by now:)  I’ll be riding out of my home town with a group of good friends and fellow workers and although the temps are suppose to be near 90, we can all handle the heat.  I just keep thinking I could be in Vegas and fighting 120!  America is going to feel the heat in the coming weeks and I’ll be right along with them as I continue to bicycle through the states.  But this time I look forward to meeting those that already know of my endeavor and are there to welcome Joan and I.  I’m thankful to all that I’ve met on the first half of my journey and will remember you all with thoughts and more as I continue to Washington D.C..
  If any of those following this blog have not written their “Letter of Hope” I’ll remind you that there’s only a couple of months left to put those hopes down and send them into the heavens!  For now, stay cool and take care of family and friends.  That’s all that I ask!

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