Thank You!!

Yesterday was a good day, but a hard day….

First off, a huge THANK YOU to Dan and Branch 28 and great friends and family who saw us off yesterday from Mounds Park!!!!! You guys are the best. It was so nice for me to have good friends come by, and I know Gary truly appreciated the support:)

It was also probably the hardest riding day that Gary has had since we started because of the heat and humidity. We didn’t leave St. Paul until after 1, and the air was incredibly heavy. I was a bit worried at times, but kept giving him fresh water and he made the trip.

The only disappointment to our send-off was the lack of local media. I had emailed all the television stations, and we had no response. On the other hand, I had also emailed the La Crosse stations at the same time, and we got an immediate response for an interview there….so who knows the rhyme or reason, but it was a big disappointment to not have it in our home town!

When we got to Red Wing, our friend Ernie came and picked us up and took us out for a good meal, then over to his folk’s house—was good to see them, and it’s great to see people we know on our trip!!! Hase’s—YOU ROCK!!!!

Now we’re in front of the Red Wing post office to talk to the carriers before we start the ride to Winona. so I’ll close for now and be back later….

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