Happy 4th of July!

It’s been good to relax at home…

The last couple of days have been very relaxing…sleeping in my own bed, driving my car, seeing familiar sites, etc. We’ve been working ahead as well. Like the home page says, we’ll have a going away on Sunday at Mounds Park with a picnic thrown by Branch 28 and then riding out at 1pm to Red Wing. Hopefully we’ll have some company!! WCCO will have a crew there for sure as Gary heard from Don Shelby. I’ve emailed the other television stations in town, so we’ll see how much media we can get there to help us get the word out!

Betsy’s going in tomorrow for an oil change, etc. I’ve got a bunch of phone calls to make, some research to do, emails and other prep stuff. I also want to touch base with people while we’re home, so we’ll see what time allows.

I’m sure Gary will write more, but one bit of exciting news for him was getting an email from the International Space Station today!! Very cool!

Getting ready to watch the fireworks, so will close for now….

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