Madison and hope

A couple days off:)

Well it’s Saturday morning and although I don’t have to ride again until Monday we’re up to talk with my fellow carriers.  And that’s always a great was to start any day.  The past week has been more than I’d hoped for as the word is getting out a little before we arrive in our towns.  And that puts a smile on my face:)  Joan and I are still following our routine in touching base with the media and any
connections we have, but it takes a lot off our shoulders.  Knowing that there’s those to help gather the hope in the towns makes each day a better day!  We’re headed to the KOA when we’re done talking with my brothers and sisters this morning and hopefully will relax like everyone else this weekend.  Though I haven’t talked to Madison yet I’m already looking forward to hitting Chicago~~~~~~~
  One other thing before I end this note –  I want to thank big Jim for hooking us up with the truckers across the nation.  I’m anxious to see if we can get all their “pen pals” on board with their letters of hope!  And thanks Jim for the help so we can get home after all is said and done.  You and your brother Ernie have something in common.  You’re a couple of great people with more than “hope” in your hearts.
Friendship goes a long way~~~~~~~~~~~~~`

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