Catching you up…

We’ve had lots going on and no internet….

Ok, so we’ve had a busy couple of days and not much internet, so let me get you caught up!

Since I left you Monday—Gary spoke to the Red Wing carriers Monday morning and they were a great supportive bunch!! We also got to chat with our friends Georgia and Ernie—thanks for coming to see us off! Then we set off on the 60+ miles to Winona. It was a beautiful day, with clear skies, low humidity and smooth riding. I got to ride about 13 miles over the course of the day. We left “my” bike at home and I’m now riding Gary’s back up bike which is much lighter and easier to ride.

We met my cousin Jim and my parents, Lilly and Erlin, at a park just north of Winona and sat and visited for a while. It was great to see friendly faces!! Thanks MOM for the cookies and raspberries—you’re the BEST!!! We stopped at the post office and the newspaper when we got to Winona. Then we headed south of town a bit to Pla-Mor Campground for the evening. Nice pool and campsite, but no phone or internet access…so it goes.

Tuesday morning Gary talked to the carriers in Winona before we headed out on an easy ride to La Crosse. Another beautiful day along the river. Once we got to La Crosse we found some breakfast and firmed up two television interviews. We were so thankful to be on both the ABC and CBS affiliates there!! Pettibone Resort was right on the Mississippi and we had an enjoyable evening there.

This morning we started the day at the La Crosse post office and then headed out. We went a little farther than planned today because of lodging. THANKS to Bill Rogers, the Wisconsin NALC president…and a THANKS to Todd and Georgia in Richland Center. We had a good day with a radio interview on FM100.9. Then as we got closer to Richland Center, we spoke with Todd who got us set up at the Super 8 in town—THANKS to Judy at the Super 8 for giving us a room for the night. Georgia–THANKS for the Pizza Hut giftcard and setting up the radio, and Todd—THANKS for stopping by and all the legwork you did for us!!!!! This kind of support is so wonderful!!

Thanks to all who’ve emailed us—we so appreciate all the support, positive feedback, and help! We take the spirit of hope with us as we travel to the next place :))

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