So many with “hope”

Wisconsin takes the lead~~

As I’m sitting here in this fine super 8 I’m trying to think of “who” to thank first.  But it doesn’t matter.  Judy for giving us a comfortable room for the night, Todd for talking to Judy, or Bill for talking to Todd.  It’s a beautiful circle of new friends.  I hope we left a little mark of hope in LaCrosse because I know they made our stay worth more than words can say.  More great people who feel as good about the days to come as we do. 
  Our days are becoming full as we cross Wisconsin because there’s so many with us before we actually get there.  And that’s something I was hoping to see.  I talked on the radio today because, for the first time, they called me.  A confirmation that my endeavor is reaching somewhere in my path and it makes me anxious to get there now.  I’ll use anything to quicken my peddling and give me a little more strength to find each day ~ a good one~ and so I move forward. 
  To all that have sent their email showing their support of my effort I only ask that your lives be blessed and ask that you find yourselves proud of the lives you lead and the examples you give your children.

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