Weekend in Madison

A good week back on the road…

We’re in Madison, Wisconsin for the weekend and glad to be here! We’ve had a great week back on the road—great reception, people helping us along the way, fabulous weather and good riding:)

We’ve made contact with the media here, and Gary’s talking to the carriers at the Westside Station in the morning, and then the main post office on Monday before we head out. We’re relaxing in comfort at the Holiday Inn Express for the night and then we’ll be heading out to the KOA for the rest of the weekend. We needed to be close to town, have internet and not have to drive too far. There’s an art fair on the square this weekend, so we’ll head there after our post office stop. I’m sure we’ll be able to give out lots of cards!!

Things are going very well. The word has gotten out, and we’re actually “ahead” a little bit. Things are getting set up in Chicago which will be good. Terry from the post office here in Madison sent out a press release before we got here which is great! Bill Rogers, the Wisconsin NALC president, has been very helpful…everyone we’ve come in contact with has been so supportive!!!!

We’ll enjoy our time in Madison—it’s a beautiful city. I lived here briefly 15 years ago when I was working retail, and it’s neat to see it again. I’m also looking forward to being in Chicago next week…haven’t been there in a long time!!

Ok…enough for now. We’ll have internet at the KOA which means I can get the rest of my pictures up. woohoo!!!!

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