Extraordinay people

Manna from Heaven?

As I awoke this morning, I didn’t think about the hard nights sleep where we just pulled over and slept, but the mark that the people in Cleveland let in my heart:)  I had the privilege of presenting myself at the Ohio National Association of Letter Carrier Convention yesterday that left Joan and I with such gratitude.  They didn’t just believe that what I’m doing is something special but passed the hat and donated enough money to allow me to complete my journey to Washington and get back home as well!  I was truly blessed by the goodness of every heart that felt the compassion in my heart and returned it with their own.  It gave me more than confirmation that my effort to gather the hopes of everyone, means much more.  It gave me a belief in my fellow man.  I want to thank Dennis and all associated with the letter carriers in Ohio for their overwhelming support of my effort.  I only hope that I’ll be able to thank each and every one of them in some way in the future~~~~~~~~~~~!

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