Thank God for friends

Jim & Ernie ~ brothers ~

We’ve got a day off here in Cleveland, awaiting their NALC Convention tomorrow.  I want to start the day by thanking Jim for the blessing of his deposit so we can stay fed until our journey is done.  Joan and I have tried to keep our $$ situation to ourselves but we’re finding out that our budget was a bit off because of the cost of gas.  We put our needs together almost 2 years ago when it was easier filling up the tank so we’re putting another definition on “walking on pins and needles”!  Now we know we won’t starve before finshing this endeavor in Washington D.C.  Thanks again Jim for thinking about us! And now I have another fond friend that has come into our lives.  I had the opportunity of meeting Thomas Black today who works for the post office as well.  He’s part of the vehicle maintenance department and Tom is attempting to do a ride of his own.  The problem that he’s presented with stems from it being an endurnace ride that doesn’t benefit any organization.  It was good talking with him and Joan and I thank him for coming out to the KOA and sharing his day with us.  Tom!  I hope you find a resolution with your quest. 

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