Into Pennsylvania

Back in the mountains

Today I awoke thinging about the riding in Ohio and the wake-up in Pennsylvania!  Though Ohio left me with a fine memory of good people and huge hearts, I hope it gives me the strength to get through these mountains.  But you know what?  I’m beginning to feel my age and want everyone to know that I’ll do my best but there’s some of these mountains I’m refusing to climb.  If I’m not on my bike you can be assured that I’ll be asking for “Hope” from everyone I come upon.  It hasn’t changed from the start of this endeavor when it comes to my goal of gathering the hope from the hearts of all I can touch.  I only know that I’ve got less than 2 weeks left before reaching Washington D.C. and I want to be alive when I get there.  I’m starting to think about the job I’ve got to handle when Joan and I get back to St. Paul.  Scanning all of this hope to disc for NASA.  No one has offered to do the job so it just might take some time for us to get it done.  But God knows that we’ll scan every single letter and postcard to disc and that “hope” will be ready to find the heavens when NASA allows.  For now I’ll keep my mind off of the troubles of the world and continue to see and feel, the hope in America’s heart!

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