Rolling through Ohio…

We’ve “landed” for the week just SE of Cleveland at the KOA in Streetsboro…..

We’ve “landed” for the week just SE of Cleveland at the KOA in Streetsboro. We’ve got tomorrow off and then Friday, Gary is speaking at the state convention for the NALC which should be good.

Things are trucking along fine. We’ve had rain showers on and off the last couple of days…but the temps have been good.

Gary did a newspaper interview yesterday while we were in Elyria, and it ran in the paper there this morning. He also talked at the post office to start our day, and they presented us with a check to help with our expenses—Branch 196, You ROCK!!!!!

We’re pretty much trapped here because of being a long ways from the city proper and not much in the way of gas mileage, but we’ll get caught up on things….I’ve downloaded some pics, but haven’t captioned them yet. We’re also behind in blogging a little bit too. Internet was non-existent for us yesterday as well. Oh well…we’re plugging along and doing ok!!!

More later…after my nap!

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