Looking forward~~

Though the riding is over~~

It’s Monday morning and although it’s a “day off” I’ve got the chance to talk with Don Boxmeyer who’s with the Pioneer Press here in St. Paul.  Now that the actual ride has been completed, Don wants to do a follow-up on the great summer.  So Joan and myself along with Dan my union president, are having breakfast to tell the story of our trip.
  I’m still getting many letters of hope and ask everyone to keep them coming.  With each letter I receive I realize that the hope in America is something that will never go away.  Although the ride has been completed, we’ve still got much to do.  And here in Minnesota the waters are taking their toll on the lives of so many because of the flooding just south of us.  So my prayers and more go out for those affected.  And my Hope grows that everyone will be ok! 
  If there’s anyone out there that has followed my trip across America and has the hope for a better tomorrow, please send me some suggestions on how I may help carry my theme beyond today.  I’ll be going back to Washington D.C. in September at which time I’ll have the opportunity of talking with those in a position to carry “Letter of Hope” into every school around the country.  I so desire to continue gathering the hopes of everyone from all around the country and beyond and will do just that.  Joan and I want to thank everyone for their support all summer with our effort.  You’ve allowed us to prove that little people “can” make a difference and we’ll continue to give of ourselves in everything we do.  We hope you will too!

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