Home Sweet Home

For those affected by water~~

  I’ve been back at work for more than a week now and can feel the hopelessness of those that lost so much with the flooding in southern Minnesota and Wisconsin.  And again I think of the “hope” that’s so hard to find for so many.  My prayers are with you all. 
  I did have the opportunity of sitting down with Don Boxmeyer who’s doing a follow up in the Pioneer Press.  He’s the man that told St. Paul
about what I was doing before I headed for Seattle WA to start my journey across America.  Thanks Don! 
  I’m finding work a bit boring these days but how could it offer anything in comparison to the summers endeavor.  I remember back in 89 when I completed my bike trip to Washington D.C. to deliver the letters from the kids here about their friends suffering with cancer.  Going back to work was boring then also.  But thank God I’ve got a job to return to and good people to work with.  So I count my blessing and just look forward to presenting myself in D.C. next month and “hopefully” convincing everyone that to gather the hopes of America would surely show a unity unsurpassed and send a bolt of hope into the heavens~~~~Stay tuned~~~~~~~~

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