A day to remember

MDA and Jerry’s kids

It’s a great day today because I’ll be part of Jerry’s MDA telethon at the Mall of America.  I have the privilege of presenting a check from Branch 28 and the carriers here in Minnesota to help the research into muscular dystrophy.  Although my cross country ride was to gather the hopes of everyone it means a lot to me knowing that the kids have “Hope” in their hearts and so do all of us that would like to help.  Joan and I had been guests at Camp Courage last year for MDA week and I felt the hope in the hearts of everyone there.  That’s why many of the letter carrier unions did an extra fundraiser this year in the name of “Letter of Hope” for the kids.  Today I get to present the funds that they raised.
  To all of the kids fighting muscular dystrophy, I know that you’d like to put your “hopes” on paper but didn’t know you could do it, and have them taken into space.  So please take some time and write down your hopes and dreams and send them to me.  If you need help I’m sure you’ve got plenty of people that would be more than willing to lend you a hand.  I know I would if asked!  Today’s your day kids and know that I’m here with you and have your hope in my heart~~

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