Going back to D.C.

Not for an award but to ask for the next step~~

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written to those that have been following me with “Letter of Hope”.  But I’ve been back to work and finding myself with way too much energy.  It’s hard to come back to the normal lifestyle after spending the summer gathering the hopes of everyone I could touch.  But Joan and I are flying back to Washington D.C. next Tuesday.  On Thursday I’ll be honored as the Humanitarian of the Year.  But that’s not why I’m going back.  Because there will be some influencial people there, I have the opportunity of asking them to take my endeavor a step further.  The political representatives from MInnesota will be there along with some from the Teachers Association.  Postmaster Potter and my union president Bill Young will also be there.  Because I’ve had so many teachers from around the country, asking me if they could take my “letter of hope” into their classrooms this fall, I’m asking for a partnership between 3 organizations.  The Department of Education, the Postal Service, and NASA.  All of you realize that our children need a sense of having some control of their future.  With so much going on in our world that doesn’t come close to what our children wish to see, I believe it’s time for them to set an example for all to witness.  Just think of the impression that would be seen around the world if 50 million students from around the country and globe united with their documented hope?
It would be something they could be proud of and that’s what they need.  A sense of pride in themselves and their country.  Even if they’re only 8.
  I’ll write again after I return from Washington D.C. To those that hold prayer with importance, say one for me ok.  I’m asking to do more for a world I hold dear to my heart.  Thanks!

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