Back to Washington D.C.

Humanitarian of the Year

Joan and I flew to Washington D.C. last week and spent such an enjoyable 4 days.  We had the privilege of meeting the NALC heroes from around the country.  There were 5 from the districts that encompass America.  If you’d like to know about any of them, please go to the Postal Record and you’ll see heroism that touches your heart.
I’d like to tell you about the encounters that I made.  Though the reason for the return was to accept the award of Humanitarian of the Year, I could only think of the hope I’d found on my journey across America this summer.  It truly said so much about humanity and the need to “hope” for a better tomorrow.  I did feel proud of the distinguished award but having a flag flown above the House side of the National Capital, touched my heart with depth. 
  I had the opportunity of speaking with two individuals that made the trip something to smile about:)  Congresswoman Betty McCollum greeted Joan and I with her heart and not her position.  I felt an ease that calmed my soul.  She presented her thoughts after hearing mine and sounds committed to taking “Letter of Hope” beyond the ride.  A meeting is being arranged with the Superintendant of Education here in Minnesota to talk about taking hope into the classrooms.  A partnership between the education department and NASA is now within sight but I’ll add details at another time.  Just knowing that my effort hasn’t disappeared fills my heart with hope and compassion.  I just know that gathering the hopes of all that we can touch will show a unity unsurpassed.  Thank you Betty for greeting Joan and I with an open heart.  I realize that you’re a very busy woman but remember that if we’re to do this right, we’ve got to be ready before 2008 begins.  I know if took me 3 years to coordinate my effort and that only leaves us with 3 months. 
  I also had the privilege of talking with Senator Coleman.  Norm also has a gift of understanding and compassion in his own heart.  He’s been taking letters from the kids to the troops in Iraq and now hopes to bring some back from the men and women serving to protect us.  I need them to realize that there’s hope for their safe return but I also want the hope in their own hearts. 
  So all in all my return to Washington met my expectations and gave me so much pride in the country I call home.  I only ask to continue gathering the hopes of those that still haven’t found the time or reason to write.  I’ve been told that I’ll be receiving letters from the kids in Kenya that got a new school this past year and to reach to that distance says I’ve done something right  ~~  Stay tuned   ~~

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