Hope continues ~~

The kids say “hope”

My apologies for not writing earlier but things have been a bit busy.  I do have some great information for everyone.  I had the privilege of speaking with the kids at Farnsworth Elementary School here in the Twin Cities and because they have an aerospace program, they’ve agreed to pilot “Letter of Hope” into all of the elementary schools.
With the help of the Department of Elementary Education we’re about to gather the hopes of all the children here in St. Paul.  I have a meeting with the Superintendent next Tuesday and am anxious to set things in motion.  It’s going to be a true example that the children set forth with the hope in their hearts.  I felt 12 again when I visited Farnsworth as I toured the school and even heard the theme song from the kids.  They have a room with 2 simulators in it.  (not sure if I spelled that correctly?)  The kids could tell me!
  I’m just getting so excited to see that I’m not the only one that doesn’t want my effort this summer to end in Washington D.C.  I’ve told many teachers around the country that they could take my endeavor into their classrooms when the children returned but now I’m involving my home town and that’s special.
  For anyone that hasn’t visited my site in a while, check it out.  I’ve changed the home page to include some things that put pride in what I’d done.  Now my goal has changed.  I intend on continuing to gather the hopes of everyone we can touch during this school year.  We’ll still have the summer to get everything scanned to disc so they may be ready for September of 2008.  I’ve been scanning many of them here at home and find myself so pleased with the hopes the children have expressed in their letters.  They surely impress on this old man that their is so much hope in our world.
  I’ll come back and let you know the details we work out when I sit down with the Department of Elementary Education next week.  Till then, stay tuned ~~~~~~~~

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