St. Paul children are writing ~~

It’s been a great week after meeting with Lewis Scott with the Elementary Schools in St. Paul.  Lewis and I spoke for enough time to see the potential in offering the elementary children an opportunity of putting their hopes on paper and sending them into space.  I’m now awaiting some information from Lewis after he speaks with his communication people.  I spoke with Troy Vincent at Farnsworth Elementary School and he’s excited as well.  Farnsworth already has the connection with NASA as they have the aerospace program here in the cities.  They have agreed to be the “pilot” with the upcoming writing project for the thousands of children here in the Twin Cities.
  I do ask anyone that has a connection with elementary education to write to me with their thoughts about bringing the children from anywhere in the United States on board with the hope in their childrens hearts.  I’ve received a request from an individual in California for a copy of a DVD that we’re trying to create to inform everyone about what’s going on with Letter of Hope!  I have 4 DVD’s that represent different things that I’ve done in my pursuit to gather hope and it’s just a matter a final combination that we can send to all the teachers that want to become involved with their students.  Along with our DVD the United States Post Office will also give the schools the ability of setting up their own Post Office in the schools to accommodate the letters as they come in. 
  My Hope is to have everything ready to go by the new year to offer excitement in the hearts of the children everywhere by allowing them to etch their hope on paper and allowing us to send that hope into space.  Stay tuned and please write with any questions or suggestions.

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