The kids are coming~~

From the children of St. Paul ~~

Today an invitation went out to the kids of St. Paul.  We’ve invited them on board a carpet of hope that could warm the world.  Between you and I we’re asking for their guidance and the calm in their hearts to help us slow down.  To see the world beyond the turmoil and disaster that’s far too evident in our media.  And I’m not the only one that thinks it’s time for everyone to listen to the children.  If our invitation is accepted by the governors of schools and the children have the chance to let their hope be heard, I think just maybe they’ll have much more to look forward to when they grow up.  At least they’ll know that they made a difference when they were just 9!  Think of what they could do if we hold things together and let them be 29!
That’s a long 20 years for an old man as myself but when I think about it, I’ll still be here waiting to smile because I’m so proud!!
  I’ll let you know when I find out how many children become soldiers of hope as they etch theirs on paper and await the launch to take them into space.  I’ve also asked if I could share the children’s hope with our men and women serving to protect our country after they are scanned to disc for travel.  Another question that awaits an answer.  So stay tuned ~~~

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