A Day to give thanks ~~

To everyone that gave me hope ~~

Well it’s Thanksgiving Day and God knows I have so much to be thankful for.  To all that have given me their etched hope I thank you.  Today is a day that means so much for most of us but it also is a day when we realize that there’s many that have a harder fight in life and I send them my prayers.
  Just a quick note ~~ The Elementary Education here in St. Paul is working with the Post Office to allow all of the kids to put their hope down on paper after the new year begins.  And there’s a little talk about sending the discs with everyone’s hope to Mars instead of the International Space Station.  A place where they could be left!  I’ll be coming back with more information real soon. 
  For now Joan and I wish all of you the very best on a day that means so much to America and us all.

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