The Season approaches ~!~

Even Santa has hope ~~

The little child in my heart is anticipating the coming of Christmas but not for the toys that set the children’s eyes a glow but for the hope in their hearts.  I truly believe that my home town is about to offer a gift to be remembered and it’s the children that are preparing to offer it to the world and beyond!  For now they have the wonder of the Christmas season to take them into a world of rememberance and one that has been held dearly by so many for so many years.  And yet that wonder will be continued when they put their hopes and dreams down on paper when school returns after the holiday celebration.  Santa has been with us forever but so has the unknown beyond the relms of mother earth.  And that’s where we’ll send the hopes of the children.
I don’t know how many other imaginations find themselves walking past the stars in wonder but it’s not the child inside that has brought me to go where no man has gone before.  It’s my search for the hope in the hearts of all I can reach.  My heart is full of optimism and justafiably so.  I’ve seen the goodness in our world first hand.  This summer confirmed that we have the strongest root of a tree that seems to be falling.
  I’ve just heard from Washington D.C. with their interest to find out more about my effort and it’s results.  I believe they wish to have a part of something special and concrete that goes beyond the hardship presented in their so many lives.  A “positive” that we need so desperatly.  I’ve asked for them to call me at home during this coming week and will know more after we speak.  But my heart pounds loudly
with anticipation.  It’s been a long road my friends and for those that look forward to a happy ending on this story of the hope in the hearts of our children, stay tuned ~~~~

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