Christmas is almost here:)

It’s a White Christmas in Minnesota

  It’s almost Christmas when the world reflects on the goodness that shines in the hearts of all the children.  And there’s a calm throughout the world as we celebrate the birth of Christ.  It’s so ironic that so many things have kept religion off the table and yet America’s economy is completely dependent on what is spent during this time of year.  Well my life revolves around the tradition that has placed something that secures the livlihood of humanity.
  I’m anxious for January to begin as I’ll be speaking with a dozen elementary schools here in St. Paul and asking thousands of children to etch their hope on paper.  To see the light in their eyes as I present something so special to all the children!  And having the ability to tell the kids about my bicycle ride across America last summer when I gathered the hopes of so many children throughout America.  I’ll be able to show them pictures of so much of the country and give them the opportunity to become involved in “Letter of Hope” and show the world how much hope there is in their hearts.  For the adults that are following my endeavor, I want you to know that it’s time to give the children a sign that we need their hope and more to help us make this world a place to believe in.  There’s some people that have a concern about my contining to gather the hopes of the children and fear that I may not find it’s time to stop.  For all of those I have to comment.  I spent nearly 3 years attempting to coordinate my effort to gather the hopes of my fellow letter carriers around the country and so many more and am embarrassed with the little response I’ve received from them.  As Joan and I traveled across America we passed out almost 14,000 post cards to the letter carriers along the way and returns are coming in slowly.  And to all the schools I approached before starting my trek across America, I’m still waiting for the letters of hope from all of those children.  I haven’t received nearly enough to complete a package worthy of going into space.  Think of it!  If there were life elsewhere beyond earth, it would surely say something negative if the hope on earth could be left on a single disc.  So I’ll continue to gather as much hope as possible until there is enough to truly give evidence that we’re a world that depends on the hope in our hearts to carry us into tomorrow.
  The snow is falling as I type this morning and I feel a calm in the air!
For all that read my thoughts, Joan and I wish you the very best for this Christmas Season and ask that everyone works on
                                 PEACE ON EARTH

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