Letters to Santa will be redirected after the New Year begins ~~

Only 10 days before Santa comes to the children with all the things they’ve asked for and hopefully their eyes will light up as they celebrate Christmas:)  But after we celebrate the birth of Christ we’ll look beyond the stars in search for a place to send the hopes of the world. 
  I did receive a call from Washington D.C. and spoke with a woman that holds “hope” in her heart and has the ability of helping gather all that fill the hearts of our children.  Carrie believes that a partnership between the U.S. Postal Service, the Department of Education, and NASA is a possibility and although a “caution” is present because of the dimension of the undertaking, I’ve been assured that the effort continues to put a plan together to join forces.
  I’m meeting with the Executive Director of Education here in St. Paul
on Friday and will be accompanied by my union president for the meeting.  We’ll be discussing a schedule to talk with the children in the Twin Cities after the new year begins to give them something special to anticipate.  Writing down their hopes and dreams and being assured that those that protect their country and give them the freedom to write, will send that hope beyond mother earth.  We’ll also be establishing whether the discs that hold the letters of hope will be sent to the International Space Station or to Mars in 2010 were they could be left for discovery!!  Is there life elsewhere in our Universe?
Stay tuned ~~~

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